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Professional Industrial Engineering

Mechanical & Industrial Engineers 

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Εnergy Εfficiency Planners
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For thousands of years, mathematicians have attempted to extend their understanding of π, sometimes by computing its value to a high degree of accuracy. Prior to the 16th century, mathematicians such as Archimedes and Liu Hui used geometrical techniques, based on polygons, to estimate the value of π. Starting in the 16th century, new algorithms based on infinite series revolutionized the computation of π, and were used by mathematicians including Mādhava of SañgamāgramaIsaac NewtonLeonhard EulerSrinivasa Ramanujan, and Carl Friedrich Gauss.(

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Every entrepreneur, manager, engineer, technician and anyone who wants to successfully implement their plans and cost effectivelly achieve their goals, has to consider, at the right time, of the right:

Product - Price - Place - Promotion - People

Abstract of Diploma Thesis:


Risk Engineering and Business Continuity Planning

for Industrial Warehouses and Distribution Centers”

Charalambos Ath. Skianis


The protection of business value (with a holistic approach, including fixed assets, property, assets, tangible and intangible capital, human resources and equipment, reputation and customer loyalty of any organization or enterprise) is achieved by implementing an effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP) within the context of Business Continuity Management (BCM) & Risk Management.

The potential benefits that can emerge for any business, regardless of shape, size and type of activity, from the implementation of a Business Continuity Plan, as a key step in changing business culture, especially in the Greek reality, awareness and encourage entrepreneurs, executives, employees and stakeholders, public and private.

Section of Industrial Management & Operational Research,

Department of Mechanical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

P.i.-Engineering's I.D.E.A.

Inspirational Design Efficiently Applying

European Citizens Climate Cup - ECCC

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